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Spotlight: Mrs. Joseph


My name is Mrs. Joseph, and I am excited to be here as one of the 5th grade teachers. I have been actively teaching in a Catholic School since 2004. I received both of my degrees from Duquesne University: A Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Education majoring in Reading and Language Arts. In addition, I am also certified to teach Science to grades 7-9. Growing up I attended Catholic grade school from Kindergarten to 8th grade. As a product of Catholic education, I am thankful for the academics and Catholic values that were taught. I love teaching Religion because it allows me to live out my own faith while helping my students to grow in their faith. Teaching that God has a path and a vocation for each of us are concepts that I enjoy discussing in class. I wish everyone a great year and may the Holy Spirit guide us.


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