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Spotlight: Mr. Fischer


I am proud to say that I have spent nearly my entire academic career within the Catholic school system! I attended St. Philip School, as my mother and my grandfather had done before me, before graduating from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School. I started college at CCAC, transferred to Carlow University, for my Bachelors, and finished with a graduate degree from Duquesne University. My wife and I had our wedding at St. Philip, like my grandparents, and even had the students of St. Philip sing in the choir for our ceremony, like my grandparents! Tradition plays a key role in my life, probably a testament to my passion of teaching history to the 7th and 8th graders at Guardian Angel Academy. This will be my 8th year teaching at a Catholic school. Within my classroom, I incorporate religion into my lessons, discussing morality and the corporal works of mercy as it pertains to history. It is the duty of my class to educate our children of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. It is also our job to remember that these presidents, soldiers, and legendary figures are all humans, with the same fears, hopes and desires as you and I. People cannot be reduced to numbers and statistics. To deny this is to deny the people of the past their humanity.


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