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Spirit Day Highlights

On behalf of the Guardian Angel Academy Athletic Association and our Guardian Angel Academy student athletes, thank you to everyone who attended and supported our inaugural Warrior Spirit Day and made it such a resounding success!

I would like to extend special thanks to Val and John Jula for overseeing all things Spirit-related for the day, to Jen Spinelli for overseeing our fantastic Spirit Basket raffle, and to Valerie Romanovich for organizing the Cheer Bake Sale.

In addition, Spirit Day would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Cara and Ryan Piaggesi, Lauren Paschel, Dave Spinelli, Kelly and Tom Foster, Kerri Lozano, Tarla Strohm, and Shelley and Jim Smith, as well as Mr. Munz for being our 8th Grade Basketball Recognition Announcer, our basketball coaches, our players, our cheerleaders, as well as everyone else too numerous to list who, over the course of a very long day, operated our bake sale, admissions, concessions stand, and basket table, and put together our 8th Grade Basketball Recognition, and all of those volunteers who stayed to help clean up when the festivities were concluded. Thank you also to each and every person who organized our team baskets under Jen’s direction, all those who contributed to make the baskets so awesome, and to all of our cooks and bakers who donated their time and effort for concessions and bake sale items. Everyone’s contributions of time and energy to making this day such a success are notable, and Guardian Angel Academy’s athletic program and our student athletes will benefit from all of the generosity and community spirit demonstrated on Saturday.

Thank you also to Coach Palmosina, Coach Baranowski, Coach Spence, Coach Krashna, Coach Becket, Coach Laukitis, Coach Harris, 8th grader Katelyn Miller as their student helper, and all of our Pee Wee Basketball players for such an awesome half time performance! It was thrilling to see the next generation of Guardian Angel Academy basketball players show off their moves.


See more photos and share your photos from the day on our private group on Facebook: Guardian Angel Academy Athletic & Event Pics


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