Santa Shoppe

The Santa Shoppe will be open in the school cafeteria on: 

  • Thursday, Dec 2nd 8:10 am – 2:20 pm 

  • Friday, Dec 3rd 9:30 am – 2:20 pm

Your child may take part in the spirit of giving as they have fun shopping for family and friends. Your child’s teacher will inform you which day their class will be shopping.

The elves have been very busy stocking the Shoppe and look forward to the children arriving. Prices of items will range from $1-$5 with the majority of items in the $1-$3 range. We are grateful to those that donated handmade items to our sale. Santa’s elves will be on hand to help your child as needed with purchases.  Please complete the list on the 2nd page of packet below with your child and enclose an appropriate amount of cash or a check (made payable to Guardian Angel Academy) in an envelope with your child’s name and homeroom number written on the front.

Gift wrapping will be available for $1 for any number of gifts! If your child is going to have their gifts wrapped by our elves, we ask you do the following:

  • Print the gift label template in the packet below

  • Fill them in

  • Cut them apart

  • Place them in an envelope

Our shopper helpers will help the children attach the gift tags to the gifts before they are wrapped to aid in the identification of what gift goes to what family member or friend. It will make our gift wrapping elves very happy!

Santa Shop 2021 info flyer edit
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