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Ms. Benovitch's Classroom


The first quarter has been a whirlwind of activity in third grade. We are excited to be learning cursive handwriting. It’s been challenging to stay in the writing lines and form the letters correctly. Our goal is to begin using all cursive by the end of February. Wish us luck! In reading, we have been exploring different types of stories and writing. We have read fiction (historical, realistic, biographies, and informational text) and nonfiction (fantasy, fables, and folktales). At the end of the first unit, we joined with our sixth grade prayer partners to research a landmark. We followed up by making posters to showcase our research. We are preparing to research endangered animals for our next unit study. We are also hard at work in math. We have reviewed addition and subtraction. We have begun to explore multiplication and division concepts. We will be working hard to memorize the multiplication facts over the next couple of chapters. As an incentive, if everyone masters their facts, we are hoping to celebrate with a pizza/ice cream party. Social Studies has focused on the study of our communities and geography. We are preparing to showcase our knowledge of landforms by creating a diorama of different landforms and bodies of water using clay. Finally, in Religion, we have been learning about the early Church and the role of the Apostles. During the month of October, we prayed the Rosary and learned about the four groups of Mysteries. We are excited to begin Advent celebrations.


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