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This year the preschool students have been working very hard to develop academically and socially. Our days are filled with excitement and wonder as the students explore new concepts and ideas. We have been building our early literacy skills by making a connection between the sounds associated with each letter of the alphabet and their printed form. The children have also started learning to isolate the beginning, middle, and end sounds in spoken words, blend and segment syllables, and create compound words by combining two smaller words. The children are building a strong foundation that will allow them to be strong readers in the future. The preschool students have also been busy learning early math skills. They have worked to understand that numbers help us answer questions about time, size, and amount. They have practiced writing numbers, identifying printed numbers, and counting various sized groups. They have also started exploring how to read, identify, and complete AB patterns using manipulatives and our classroom SMART Board. Recently, we practiced using our math skills during a game of Christmas Bingo that was sponsored by the PTG. In religion, the preschoolers have built their relationship with God and our faith through Bible stories and prayer. They have learned to recite the Hail Mary and Guardian Angel prayers. Throughout the season of Advent, the children are working to be patient as we learn about the true meaning of Christmas and wait to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Each week we “light” a candle on the Advent wreaths we created that are hanging outside of our classroom. We even enjoyed a surprise visit from St. Nicholas in celebration of his feast day. There is never a dull moment in preschool, and we look forward to continuing this adventure together as we move through the school year.


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