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Mrs. Sanders' Classroom


The last few weeks of school have been very exciting for the 4th grade - celebrating Catholic Schools Week and taking part in 2 Flexible Instruction Days while continuing to perform well in their lessons.

During Religion class, we have learned the first 3 Commandments help us to show our love and respect for God. Before continuing onto the other commandments, we are going to spend time breaking down the parts of the Mass to better understand their meanings. This year the 4th grade will take part in the Invention Convention hosted at Seton LaSalle High School. Students are broken into groups to put their creative minds together to create products to help improve our daily lives. 4th Grade did an excellent job completing the multiplication chapters in Math. We are now beginning to learn the process of long division. Lunch Money by Andrew Clements is our novel we are currently reading. The story centers around a student's drive to make money. Students are not only practicing their reading skills but also are participating in discussions and writings to better comprehend the novel.


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