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Mrs. Sanders' Classroom


Math class for us has been busy. We spent the 1st quarter practicing our addition and subtraction facts and processes. We are now transitioning into multiplication; in which we will cover the basic facts to the more complex operations of multiplication. In our Reading class, we wrapped up our first novel “Frindle”. The students enjoyed reading about the war of words between the Frindle Fighters led by Nick Allen and the champion of order and authority Mrs. Granger, Nick’s Language Arts teacher. The students got a chance to experience identifying elements of a story as well as figurative language. We had fun playing “teacher” and “student” when discovering points of view on a given subject and discussing why teachers do what they do. In Social Studies, we finished learning about the Eastern Region of the United States and will continue our trek across our country. In Science, we spent time on the formation of our land because of earthquakes and volcanoes. We will be looking into how fossils help us understand our past.


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