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Mrs. Peterson's Classroom

MRS. ANNE PETERSON’S CLASSROOM - Students in Mrs. Peterson’s sixth grade social studies class will be studying ancient civilizations this year. We started by learning about the stone ages and early cultures. Students were broken into groups to research and create a Google Slideshow and poster based on Neolithic Megaliths around the world. They also recreated “Stone Age Cave Paintings” in art class using blending techniques and pastels. After reading a number of short stories and poetry by authors such as Jack London, Ray Bradbury, Walt Whitman and Robert Frost in our reading class, students switched gears and are reading the novel “The Egypt Game.” We will be completing a novel study, chapter quizzes, and projects based on it. The novel will also lead up to our next ancient civilization in social studies, Egypt. Some other projects we have been working on in our sixth grade classes are personal narratives in English class, the seven days of creation posters for religion, and recreations of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, inspired by sunflowers grown in Mrs. Peterson’s garden, in art class. In Mrs. Peterson’s seventh and eighth grade Spanish class, students started the year learning about Spanish speaking countries around the world, concentrating this quarter on Central America and the Caribbean. They were quizzed on locating the countries and capitals on a map. They are also required to create a Google slide presentation based on their assigned country. Students will be researching the government, religion, culture and geography of the country. In addition to this, they are beginning to learn to speak and write in Spanish about themselves and others. They are working on preparing a conversation with a partner to perform in front of the class.


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