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From the Desk of Mrs. Iacchetti:

It is now three weeks since Guardian Angel Academy students have been in session. Our academy is “buzzing” with activity. My eighth grade Religion students are beginning to study the importance of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We have devoted a major part of the past three weeks to a study of prayer and our openness to the Holy Spirit. My sixth grade Earth Science class is now reviewing for their first chapter 1 test on the scientific method. Grade seven Life Science students are currently focusing on two early theories on the origin of life. While grade eight students have just completed their chapter 1 test in Physical Science and are now working on chapter 2 – SI- the science system that uses the metric system of measurements to collect scientific data. All Middle School science students will have an opportunity to work in the STREAM Lab where they will be learning how to use the various measurement devices such as a meter stick, pan balance and graduated cylinder. Both my 7A and Eighth grade English groups are “tweaking” their final copy of a descriptive essay. All the students of Guardian Angel Academy begin each morning with special prayers for those people who are sick and suffering throughout the world. Our students are happy to be back with their classmates, teachers, and our principal, Mr. Robert Munz. We thank God daily for the many blessing He has given us here at Guardian Angel Academy.


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