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The sixth grade has been busy learning many different things this year. In English class, we wrote Opinion Essays and are currently learning about verbs. We will also be responding to daily prompts in our writing journals based on our new novel.

In reading class, we just began the new novel “Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief.” We will be completing comprehension questions and quizzes, a novel study, group discussion sessions, and an end of the novel project. This will lead into our future social studies topic of ancient Greece. However, we recently finished our study of ancient Egypt by creating a 3D model based on an Egyptian topic. The projects have been on display by the front entrance. We are currently learning about ancient India and the beginnings of civilizations in the region. In art class, we drew different dog breeds and are currently working on “paper molas” based on the Molas of Panama, in which fabric is stacked to make intricate patterns.

In seventh and eighth grade Spanish, we will be learning about Spanish speaking countries of South America. Students will have to learn the countries on a map and will create a Google Slide Presentation based on an assigned country. We will also begin our next lesson based on shopping words and phrases and will be learning present tense verbs.


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