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Mr. Fischer's Classroom

The 7th grade Reading class has finished reading “The Giver”. As part of a final project, the students were tasked with creating their own sequel to the book, as The Giver has a very ambiguous ending. Students wrote their own original endings and drew their own book covers as well. We stapled them into small books. Students were then able to read their peer’s new short stories and write reviews on their classmate’s work. The 7th grade’s imagination brought us new experiences and offered us a new view of the original text of “The Giver”.

The 8th grade Social Studies is just finishing off a chapter on the Wild West. To help the students experience the life of a settler heading West, we played an old video game: The Oregon Trail! Using an online video game emulator, students were able to play the 1985 game on their Chromebooks in class. Even though it was an old game, the students were able to find not only enjoyment in playing the classic staple of all computer rooms of the 1990’s, but were also able to draw conclusions about hardships and life in the West. After playing the game, students were then tasked with writing a reflection about their experiences.


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