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Mr. Baker's Classroom

Math - Let’s talk about it! The 5th grade has been working with Decimals. They have discovered how to read them and how they are related to fractions. The students have been learning how to order, round, estimate, and complete problems with all the operations. They will also use decimals with money and learn how to solve real-life problems.

The 6th grade has been working on how to use Data in real life. They made different kinds of Graphs/Plots from data that represent the data in different ways. They discussed what a share of stock is and how to use a line graph to predict how it might perform.

The 7th grade has been working on Ratio, Rates and Probability. They learned how to compare different ratios as well as find the Probability. The students also calculated the probability of winning different types of games.

Our 8th graders have been working on Slopes and Polynomials. They discussed how slopes can be formed with equations and which jobs use slopes in the real world. The 8th grade will be working with polynomials and learning how to factor them.

What’s next??? Geometry - shapes, formulas, and Pi oh my…


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