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Miss Lauren Astwood's Classroom

First, 5th grade! 5A has been working hard and it shows! In Reading class, we just started our first novel, Maniac Magee and we are hooked. In English, we are practicing our grammar and mechanics and will begin a creative writing assignment: Spooky Stories. Students will get the opportunity to share their stories in the dark by way of flashlights to set the scene. In Religion, we are learning all about the sacraments and have been sharing our experiences about the sacraments received so far. In Social Studies both 5th grade classes have been studying Native Americans and we created our very own class totem poles. Next, we will be moving into the Age of Exploration where concepts like the Middle Ages, Marco Polo, and the importance of trade will be discussed.

Next up, art class! In 5th grade art, students have worked with a variety of media so far including watercolors, oil pastels, paints, and more. Our latest project was inspired by what we were learning in Social Studies class. The 8th graders have been working so hard to create beautiful murals inspired by the artist Diego Rivera. Our version of the murals is Guardian Angel Academy inspired. Each group created a mural depicting school life including a religious mural, a Fine Arts mural including all things music and art, a sports mural with our school emblem as the focal point, and two academic murals: one with a focus on Math, Science, Computers, and STREAM and the other with a focus on ELA, Social Studies, and Spanish.

Finally, music class! The 5th graders are learning to play recorders (see below). So far, they have learned 3 notes, the difference between a quarter note, half note, and whole note, and what a “rest” means. The 6th-8th graders just finished up a musical instrument unit where they learned about all the different families of instruments and created their own instruments that they presented to their classmates. Now we are learning all about music theory and musical notations. It’s been a great start to the year! Go Warriors!


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