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Miss Gerrity's Classroom


Second Grade is a busy place to be. We are having lots of fun and learning at the same time. We are growing every day in our faith preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation & First Holy Communion later this school year. The class has learned about the Seven Sacraments and currently are learning about the parts of the Bible and the Ten Commandments. The students have been practicing their writing skills. We are writing a class book on animals which will be published and have also become pen pals with the Sisters of Mercy. We sent the Sisters Halloween & Thanksgiving cards and many of them have sent letters back to us. We love getting to know our new friends! Cursive handwriting has begun and the students are loving this new way of writing. In science class we have been studying Earth Science. An exciting project was creating our own Solar System Posters with clay. In math class we have been adding two-digit numbers with regrouping and enjoy competing with each other to improve knowing our basic math facts for speed. Art class is a favorite class for 2nd grade. We have enjoyed sketching and water color projects and love painting our class room windows for all to enjoy. We hope everyone has a blessed Advent Season!


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