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Miss Catherine Rodgers' Classroom

MISS CATHERINE RODGERS - 3RD (B) GRADE CLASSROOM 3B is learning a lot this year! In reading class, we are talking about what it takes to solve a problem. We have been reading books with different genres such as expository text, folktales, and historical fiction to help us think about how problems are solved. We have also started to do book reports on the chapter books we have been reading. In math we are starting to multiply and divide by looking at equal groups. We will soon be trying to master our facts. In religion we are learning about the Church and how it began. We have also talked about the Church year in particular Ordinary time and all the wonderful things Jesus did in his life. We are getting ready soon to celebrate Advent in the upcoming weeks. In science class we are learning about how animals grow and change and what they need to survive. One of the life cycles we used was the frog’s life cycle and we did a song and dance to help us memorize what animals need to survive.


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