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Miss Astwood's Classroom


First, 5th grade! 5A is currently reading Wonder and we love it! It is such a wonderfully inspiring book that has an overall theme of KINDNESS. In English, we are writing Opinion essays. Students have the opportunity to give their persuasive writing skills a whirl while debating their point of view on a chosen topic. In Religion, we are studying the gifts of the Holy Spirit and creating a simple, but beautiful illustration and description of each gift to help us develop a deeper understanding of how each gift can help us follow God’s will. In Social Studies both 5th grade classes are learning about the Thirteen Colonies, why each was important, and how they united to become the first states in the United States of America.

Next up, art class! In 5th grade art, students have worked with a variety of media so far including watercolors, oil pastels, paints, and more. Our latest project was inspired by our upcoming musical, The Little Mermaid, Jr. They created various types of sea life to be added to our underwater ocean scenes. The 8th graders are creating 3-D illustrations using glue and paint to form unique art pieces.

Finally, music class! The 5th graders are continuing to practice their recorders and are learning about different genres of music. The 6th-8th graders just finished up a musical genre unit and are now diving into the different types of music from around the world.

*Pictured below: 5th grade and Kindergarten working on a service project for Marion Manor during Catholic Schools Week.


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