March Madness Pool

There is a 100 square grid and each square will be sold for $50. $5 fundraising credit per square.

After all the squares have been sold, the numbers will be randomly assigned. The same numbers will be used for all games in the tournament (Sweet 16 through the National Championship)


The tournament starts on Thursday March 17th and ends on Monday April 2nd. Payouts will start with the Sweet 16 games on Thursday 3/24. All money will be due by the start of games on Thursday March 17th. The last digit of the final score of each game will be used to determine the winning squares. This format makes it possible to win multiple games with same numbers. Payouts will increase with each round of the tournament. Sweet 16 - $100 per game (8) Elite 8 - $200 per game (4) Final 4 - $300 per game (2) National Championship (Halftime Score) - $200 National Championship (Final Score) - $600 Total Payouts - $3000 THE NUMBERS ACROSS THE TOP WILL REPRESENT THE WINNING TEAM THE NUMBERS DOWN THE LEFT SIDE WILL REPRESENT THE LOSING TEAM Please send payments to Zach Dick c/o Mason Dick - 6th Grade If you have any questions, please reach out via email or cell. / 412 651 7440


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