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Lottery Calendars

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Buy/Sell GAA 2023 Lottery Calendars for $30 each, GAA Families get $13 fundraising credit for each calendar sold!

  1. Fill out the form below and return it to the office to request how many calendars you want sent home to sell/buy. LIMIT OF 10 CALENDARS AT A TIME. More can be requested after stubs and payment are turned in from your previous order.

  2. Requested numbers will be filled first come, first served. If the numbers you request are not available, other numbers will be randomly chosen. Calendars will be sent home with student designated on the form, you can pick them up at the school office, or mailed to you.

  3. As you sell/buy the Lottery Calendars, please FILL OUT THE STUB OF EACH CARD COMPLETELY. We can not mail a winner’s check without their COMPLETE ADDRESS.

  4. Return the COMPLETED stubs AND payment (along with any unsold calendars) to the school office to the attention of Lottery Calendars. If you want more calendars, you can request more. Please RETURN UNSOLD CALENDARS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that they can be given to other people. Calendars are available until sold out.

Each calendar has a three-digit number. Any day your number matches the daily PA Lottery PICK 3 7pm evening drawing (straight draw of the numbers, not boxed) YOU WIN! The Sunday through Friday payout is $40, Saturday payout is $60, and Holiday payouts vary from $75 to $500. Checks will be mailed within a month of drawing. Any cards not sold become property of Guardian Angel Academy.

For questions, please contact Kerri Lozano at

GAA Lottery Calendar REQUEST FORM_2022
Download PDF • 212KB


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