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Fundraising Tracker Website

The Diocesan policy for funding elementary Catholic schools calls for each school to have fundraising activities to generate a minimum of 10% of their total operating budget. For the 2022-23 school year, Guardian Angel Academy is to fund raise $160,000 toward the operating budget. This enables us to keep tuition rates at 60% of the total cost. Annual fundraising provides the necessary funds to support the operational, academic, extracurricular, and special programs at Guardian Angel Academy. School parents are expected to participate in fundraising activities to the best of their ability. 

Each K-8th grade family is responsible for raising $600.00 in fundraising dollars for the 2022-2023 school year. Each preschool family is responsible for raising $200 for the year. The fundraising deadline is April 30, 2023 to reach your goal. Families can review their fundraising status by accessing the following site or by calling Mrs. O’Toole in the School Office. If you do not reach your fundraising
goal by the deadline, the balance is due before the end of the May.

For any questions about Fundraising or Volunteering, please email Kerri Lozano at

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