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Athletics FAQs

The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Guardian Angel Academy Athletics. If you need further assistance, please contact any of the Board Members via email.

1. My child missed school today but they're feeling better now. Can they go to their game tonight?

The school policy states that if a student misses school then they should not participate in any school related activities that night.

2. I have an issue with my child's coach.

Please contact your child's coach and ask to discuss the issue. Please do not meet with the coach immediately before or after practice unless mutually agreed upon. Please do not approach the coach immediately before or after a game, meet, or match. If after discussing the matter with the coach, you are not satisfied, please contact the appropriate Board VP. They will then arrange a meeting or discuss the matter with the coach and respond to your concerns. If after these steps, you are still not satisfied, please contact the President of the Athletic Board via and your matter will be added to the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. If time is of the essence or the meeting is scheduled more than two weeks in the future from your contact, the Board will address the matter outside of the Board meeting and respond to you via email.

3. I don't have all my clearances. Why can't I still help? I have a few kids in the school and the coaches know me.

It is a Diocesan rule that all coaches and volunteers for Diocesan sports teams have their clearances. The rule is meant to protect the children and also to make sure the volunteer adults are up to date on the best ways to look out for the welfare of the kids. No person is permitted to volunteer without having completed Protecting God's Children seminar, received background clearances, and signed the Diocesan Parish Code of Conduct.

To obtain clearances,  go to:

4.  My child has other activities that conflict with team practices. Can something be worked out so they can still be on the team?

Part of participating in a sport and being on a team is showing up at practice and working to improve and help your teammates improve. Regular attendance at practice shows commitment, improves skills, and helps the team. Every team has individual practice attendance policies approved by the Board. We encourage parents to be proactive in addressing any scheduling conflicts between activities with the coach as soon as the conflicts are known.


Prayer Before All Sports Activities – Prior to all sporting activities the following prayer must be recited by both teams:

Dear Lord,
You have blessed us with many gifts and talents.
We thank you especially for our ability to participate in sports today.
Help us to play in a Christ-like manner.
Help us to play in a way that will foster teamwork.
Help us to play to the best of our abilities.
Win or lose, we hope to have fun make friends and celebrate life.

Each coach will receive a copy of this prayer

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