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About Us

Guardian Angel Academy is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of all of our students. We nurture the individual faith journey of each student and provide a range of academic, extracurricular and athletic programs. We exist as part of the teaching mission of the Church. All that is done is carried out in light of the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

In 2021, Guardian Angel Academy was established with the merging of two regional catholic schools, St. Margaret of Scotland in Greentree and St. Philip in Crafton. Guardian Angel Academy is part of the South Regional Catholic Elementary Schools (SRCES) and accredited with the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Our Philosophy

Boys at School
Children Praying

It is the aim of Guardian Angel Academy to provide a Catholic, educational setting in which our students and their families can integrate Gospel values in daily living. We strive to create a climate in which each child can develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, and in turn, enhance the world.

  • A Christ-centered atmosphere fostering spiritual growth, gratitude for, and trust in God’s goodness and mercy.

  • A deep sense of the Catholic faith, which necessitates involvement in the traditions of and witness to the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • A commitment to Catholic social teaching, which calls the School Community of Guardian Angel Academy to respond to the larger community through acts of service.

  • Excellence in academics through continual evaluation, updating of curriculum, and staff development in conjunction with Diocesan and Middle States Accreditation.

  • The development and encouragement of individual talents and gifts combined with a sense of responsibility for the use of those talents and gifts.

  • A sense of self-discipline and self-respect enabling students to uphold their value system and become responsible citizens in their communities.

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